Like Pandora but MUCH more affordable

I found this on a fellow mom-preneurs website - I felt compelled to share because of the great affordability of this product .... Be sure to check out Party Plan Coach for a chance to win a beautiful mom ring!!! I've started myself a loooong list of beads that I want for a bracelet and who knows what else :)

BellaBeads 925 is a brand new Party Plan Company taking the industry by storm with their beautiful, AFFORDABLE, “Pandora-style” beads, rings, earrings, and bracelets. Each piece of their gorgeous jewelry is made from the finest quality raw materials including sterling silver, Murano glass, natural pearls and crystals, making each bead unique and a true treasure.

The beauty of jewelry like this is that you can continue to grow and build your piece with new events, new memories, and new special moments. There is no “wrong way” to build a bracelet – whether you choose a specific pattern, color scheme, or a random collection, you will have a beautiful unique piece that will last many generations.

Building a BellaBeads 925 piece take only four fun steps -

  1. Select your jewelry – bracelets, rings, and earrings all of which can be customized with beads and charms
  2. Select your beads and charms from their extensive collection of unique colors, shapes, and designs
  3. Assemble your piece in any order you would like, knowing you can always rearrange for a new look
  4. Personalize your bracelet further with a unique clasp to end finalize look

Get your girlfriends involved and Hostess a BellBeads 925 Building Party! Hostesses can receive free jewelry of their choice and have a fun, relaxing night of designing with one of their professional Charm Consultants. With their generous Hostess Program, you can earn your very own bracelet, plus all of the beads to create your own piece!

Or, if you want even more, consider joining this ground-floor opportunity and become a Founding Charm Consultant!