Alleluia.... Alleluia..... Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia....

Lucy has experienced a full recovery!!!!The lovely young man (I coulda kissed him through the phone...) from Circuit City called this afternoon (just about an hour after I called in with high hopes to see if by chance my new lifeline for Lucy had come in to which the reply was "unfortunately no, but it does show out for delivery here in Pensacola according to UPS") and let me know that my Lucy would be getting back to full health today. I hurriedly sent my husband to CC to pick up Lucy's new lifeline and he brought it home and I promptly hooked Lucy back up to her precious. Unfortunately Lucy and I couldn't rekindle our relationship of laptop love and internet devotion right away because tonight was my childrens school carnival (the big fundraiser for the year). So after a few hours outside watching my kids squeal in delight over potato sack racing, bouncy houses, ring toss, cow tippin games and a quick trip to walmart for a few things I've now come home to love on my Lucy.Alleluia!


Lament for a laptop

Oh dear I fear I have lost my best friend........(at least temporarily).....I hate to inform everyone that my laptop has taken a turn for the worse and is now in the LICU (laptop intensive care unit)..... apparently it's lifeline (also known as the power supply cord) went out and it may take a week or so for me to get a new one in from HP (I have the extended warranty plan so I didn't want to spend $150 to get a new supply cord right then and there inside Circuit city)....I'm so lost without my bestfriend....Lucy the Laptop.... get your rest now while you can because next week we have a date for an all day websurfing session........*tear*



So I survived the wedding.... had a great time actually though I do have to say that dancing for an hour and a half on a party bus between the church and the reception...a little much....especially after standing for about 3 hours in heels at the church between pictures, the ceremony and the "waiting" bit LOL! The wedding was beautiful. The reception was a blast even though I was "alone" LOL! I do have to say, four days with no kids leaves one VERY BORED momma!


Totally Mrammy Worthy

Well I just think this gal should win a "mammy" (that would be a Mom Grammy for those less than stellar brains out there pondering that one out...)....