What, are you kidding me...seriously???!!!

HOLY BATCRAP.... only 28 days until Christmas..actually even less since I'm already more than halfway through the 28th day.....

Thank GOD I pretty much got all my Christmas shopping done last week.

Yup, that was me, I was the lady that elbowed your ass and pushed your ass into that stack of strategically placed playdoh cans in Wal-mart all in the name of getting that very LAST "must have" toy! Yea, hope that cut heals well.

Seriously though...Chad and I braved the crowds (which honestly were not as bad as previous years) and did pretty much ALL of our Christmas shopping on "black friday" (which mind you I know the meaning behind the name, but I still find it racist)..... anyhoot...this year however we chose to avoid hitting Best Buy and Circuit City first off (BB altogether actually) and I think that greatly lessened the stress.

We got to Toys R Us @ 4 am to wait for the 5am opening. It was a tit bit nipply out frankly and I couldnt' drink my coffee I made for us before leaving the house because it was tooooo hot, really it was, I still have blisters on the roof of my mouth to prove it. Really, wanna see?
We got in and out of TRU in 1 hour and 15 minutes and found just about everything we really wanted - we got
k'nex, rubber pianos, spiderman figures, wii game, nintendo DS star wars lunchbox accessories kit, fur real friends newborns, a kitchen appliance set (kids duh!!), hot wheels tracks, cranium adventure fort, and some color wonder things....

Then we hit Target.... we got all kinds of great crap there... a step2 wagon, video rockers, a doodle pro for brenna, and some other things

then we kit Kmart, where we picked up more things LOL

then we hit Kohls where we bought a few more things

In the end, we spent just under $400, got all the kids done plus a few things for various family members and each other! I'm stoked....because we would have spent SOOOOO much more on any other day. We are both pleased with our purchases and now I have a 7 foot tall pile of "goods" hidden under a king size blanket in the corner of my bedroom...yea, that is gonna be fun, but I have nowhere else to put it all LOL! I put all the little items into big rubbermaid bins and then the big boxes (wagon and vid. rockers) on top and I just hope the kids dont bust into it LOL!

I put the tree up yesterday and got it all decorated. I was worried that Brenna would fuck around with it alot, but it's not her, it's her big sister that can't keep her grubby hands off! SOmething about having a tree covered in toys (literally, seriously, our tree appears to have have geoffry from toys r us just puked look) - we buy the kids (let them pick) a hallmark ornament each year - so we have spiderman, batman, barbie, blues clues, winnie the pooh, tonka, superman, star wars, oh the list goes on, all over the tree. It's topped with a beautiful stuffed winnie the pooh angel LOL!

Anyhow.... I'll share pictures maybe...

As for my laptop debacle...yea it was definately dead, it should have started it's journey to HP today for it to be erased, broken apart and rebuilt..... rest easy Lucy..rest easy..you'll be back to momma in no time (2-6 weeks according to the man in a green shirt with no sympathy to the fact that my lucy is my best friend and couldn't do any sort of rush job on you...)....

now off to stop neglecting my kids......I hear shit being thrown...can't be a good sign


the sound of ***TAPS***

Well it's happened again...my precious has passed away.
My wireless card in my laptop went "smell ya on the flipside" and dipped out on me. So I'm left with my precious that won't take me to my beloved internet...WAHHHHHH!!!!

I called Circuit City (and after being hung up on several times - rude crackers) and was informed this has been happening recently when Windows runs an update on the PC and then it burns up the wireless card. Not something they can fix in store of course, so wahhhhh I'm going to be without my laptop for 2-6 weeks. I'm so sad!!!

So now I'm backing up everything to disk (because I can't back up things by pulling it through the network since the card is dead!!!) and then carting it through it's funeral procession.

I'm pretty sad about it.... but I'll just eat some leftover thanksgiving eats (cookies, green bean casserole, pie, mashed taters etc) and comfort myself.

My inlaws are due in any minute, and now I suppose I have to figure out ways to entertain them since my original plan (to show them how I neglect my husband and kids while playing around mindlessly on the internet) has now been foiled.

Hey wait a minute......you don't suppose this was a big consipiracy plan do you?
I might be on to something here now....

So... it is with great sadness that I must lay my expensive HP laptop to rest, well at least for 2-6 weeks... and instead use my clunky ol' desktop....wahhhhhhhh I'm so spoiled by my laptop, I can't even properly use this clunky tick tick ticking keyboard hahah!


speaking of that vacation...

has anyone ever thought about how cracked out those fraggles look??? well with the exception of that last little "fwaggle"...he's the stoner of the group....

So yea...can it get worse?

Just when you are coasting through life, enjoying things, neglecting your blog, rolling with the punches, from left field comes that sucker punch that knocks you on your ass.

I have had so many piddly things to write about, but never take the time to sit down and actually DO it.... however, I just GOTTA spill some shit.....

1) the biggest event since my last post, was on Monday I get a phone call from my sister where she says "I've got something to tell you, but you CANNOT freak out on me....".... so what do I think.. I think HOLY SHIT SHE'S KNOCKED UP pregnant again..... but what she tells me was even more mind jarring.... she comes back with "I'm at the hospital with dad, they think he's had a heart attack"....

MOUTH HITS FLOOR......like ROCK BOTTOM...first time EVER in my life I have been speechless.

So I keep my word and I don't freak out on her, but promptly get off the phone, call my mom out of a meeting to tell her (without freaking out mind you) and then call Chad. Now Chad, being my lovely husband, well, he has to let me freak out on him..and I do. I start bawling and I'm unsure what to do. Panic sets in that this is it for my dad. I mean yea I've always thought about the fact that yea, I'll have to deal with it eventually (it being my parents passing away), but did I ever think it'd be when I was so young or my parents being so young (dad turned 50 this year)....nope... sure didn't.

Chad calls me back and informs me he is on his way home from work. He gets here and I pack up myself (throw in some water, diet coke for mom, magazines for us all etc) and head to the hospital. I meet my sister outside and she fills me in. Apparently dad had been having chest pain and the night before had blood pressure reading of 149/98 and he went to urgent care. They did an EKG and found evidence of heart damage (heart attack) and sent him to the ER.

Long story short...after many many many hours, several EKG's, a few CT scans, a stress test, bloodwork etc.... the FUCKTARDS wonderful doctors in the ER come back to say "Well we don't know whats going on, why your bloodpressure is still so high, or why you are still in severe pain, but you have had a heart attack and well we are just gonna send you home". WTF, are you kidding me?! Seriously, still in pain (chest, arm, face, head) but yea, just take some tylenol and go on home....

This makes me ill, I get irate inside my brain and resist teh urge to punch the fucktard in the face and walk out the door.

So dad is home, still feeling "not right", trying to take it easy and waiting to see a private physician early next week. Now I know though without a doubt, this country needs a SERIOUS healthcare makeover. My dad is uninsured. He cannot afford a private policy and he's in business for himself. The hospital did the BARE minimum (which I know is all that is required) for care I feel and that their diagnosis of "we don't know, go home" was so they didnt' have to risk the "bill" with an uninsured patient. I'm super disappointed. Things only got worse when he called his last primary care physician, but I'll spare you the details, just suffice it to say that we seriously need to see a healthcare makeover.

so on to # duece....

Brenna is sick again...she kept me up all night last night crying, scratch that, SCREAMING LIKE A BANSHEE.........so my immediate thought was....ear infection. Woke up this AM, she looks like she's been in a bar fight (her face was puffy, eye was black and swollen and just overall ick). I called the pedi, bring her in, pay my nice copayment (cough - healthcaremakeoverneededasapplease - cough) and have her seen. Great news... no ear infection..but wait, theres more...she has conjunctivitis (AGAIN!!).... CHRIST ALL MIGHTY.......

all of this coming after Elisa missed school last week due to an unexplained fever (high - 103 and such)

and then....the biggest of all...... my inlaws let us know today that they will be coming down on Friday..yea, so um, can we say FLIGHT OF BUMBLEBEE PANIC MODE HOUSECLEANING...eeeks! I mean, my house isn't a disaster zone by any means, but um, well, it's just not up to inlaws visiting level that's all.

So, I think today, I am most thankful for my Leinenkugals Berry Weiss 6 pack...thank you beer cow for producing such a fabulously fruity and tasty beverage to wash my cares away......

so I've decided..I need a vacation... and I'm going here....
(PS: go click pause on the musicbox downstairs......meaning the bottom of my blog)


Wanna Play with me???

So, I was perusing DANAS blog, reading all her business... and well her and my friend LEIGH have been reading this blog In Search of My Hip Bones (Real Live Lesbian) (which I must admit, I occasionally find myself neglecting my kids, um i mean avoiding folding laundry and reading her blog instead....... Now, Real Live Lesbian is playing a game, and we all know that I like playing games (especially those involving lesbians ...oh boy do I ...), so I've decided to play too. These are her rules:"The first 5 commenters here will get a small gift in the mail from me. All you have to do is post this on your own blog and promise to gift the first 5 commenters on your post if they promise to gift the first 5 commenters on their posts… you see how it goes. What do they call that? The domino effect. After you comment jot your address in an email and click it off to me. As soon as you participate in the game I will get your little something in the mail."Now, I don't have a cock or shiny objects to send, but I'm pretty sure that I can find a little something that will bring a smile to your face. Just send me an email with your mailing address and I'll make sure your postal carrier (politically correct) finds his/her way to your mail box.

So do YOU wanna play with me???? huh huh huh???