Do you ever get that not so fresh feeling?

Well apparently B did......in her mouth.

Just a little bit ago I'm in the living room on the couch, she runs through the room and I catch a wiff.......it's not poo for once (thank god) however, smells, make that REEKS of very STRONG perfume ish smell.

I immediatey got up and ran after her to investigate...what I found on the kitchen floor was the air wick air freshener plug in cartridge and then in her bedroom the actual plug in piece. Apparently she found this behind the diaper pail in her room and decided to sample taste it.

She didn't just "lick" it and get grossed out, the kid bit into the tip and actually BIT it!!! OH MY!
I rushed her to the sink, stripped her clothes off and doused her face with cool water then washed her hands with soapy water. Thought we were okay for a second while i called Chad (and handed her a cup of water to try to drink) and Chad said to give her milk. I grabbed her cup, made milk, he said there was a new pack of those air fresheners on hte shelf, so I grabbed em and read the back (do not induce vomiting - good to know) and then looked and she was turning quite red around her mouth, I hung up the phone and tossed her into the bathtub and then doused her again with soap and water. She also drank most of her milk after sipping on some bath water (ewww - but I guess better than air freshener oil).

She seems fine now, but I'm keeping an eye on her...

The good news is - my house smells fresh and clean like fresh outdoor laundry!


Ac"k" as in insomniAC..............................

Cripes, cheese and rice...........

Its midnight...I'm tired, really I am. But apparently my brain didn't get that memo as it is still operating at ludacris speed.

I didn't sleep worth a pile of Gator poo last night since Chad so fabulously got called into work @ 10:30pm. He strolled in @ 6:30 this morning just as I gave up on getting any shut eye and rolled on outta the bed to get the kids up and going for school (okay so I rolled out at 6:50 and got them up but hell..who's counting right). So I resigned myself to feeling like a pile of washed up whale blubba for the day and got the kids off to school, stopped by moms to drop off a key, came home and showered (yea, I skipped that at 6:30 in lieu of trying to actually squeek out some sleep, even if it was only 20 mins...and I didnt even get that) and then did 6 loads of laundry (I don't know where the hell my family wears all these clothes...but I am STRONGLY thinking we should just go ahead and become nudists...it certainly would save us money on our water bill, grocery bill -no more buying detergent, bleach, oxyclean, fabric softener, electric bill, and therapy bill - that would be for me b/c I'm sure to go insane with this many "dirty" clothes around right.....)

anyhow, I digress -
so then I did the dishes, baked muffins for breakfast - uh yea so I did that before the shower and before the laundry but hell you wouldn't have known that unless I told you - , put away all that doggone laundry, picked up general clutter that got missed the night before, and then I crafted my heart out prepping for an upcoming Scrapbooking event (http://www.scrappysisters.com/ for those local yokels that might want to attend).

Check out my Stampin UP! blog in the next few days (or depending on this insomnia maybe tonight even LOL) for new uploaded projects that I'll be teaching at upcoming classes at the crop and my house

So back to my insomnia................i'm going to go compose a memo to Mr. Brain to allow me to shut down and go to SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP

wish me luck


The dress...

So as some of you may know, I'm in my friends wedding next month. It's up in IL. I'm pretty excited of course to see her FINALLY getting married and for being asked to be a part of her wedding.....and the best part is........the dress is FABULOUS!!!, no no people, not HERS, MINE LOL! I love it! IT is actually a 2 piece - long skirt that is kinda fitted at the top and then flares a bit at the bottom and then the top I picked (the bride picked out about 8 tops or so and then allowed us to each pick our fave to wear) is a strapless or strapped top that has a silky under part and then a sheer gathered top with some beadwork on one side. Oh hell, I'll just include a photo...but keep in mind, it's a crappy one...LOL!

I have however figured out one thing, can't decide though wether it's a good thing or a bad thing...but um, well, the top, lets just say it is a great top and it's fabulous that it well, frankly speaking...it holds it all in...but maybe a little TOO in because I can't seem to BREATHE in the damn thing! Which is great and all because I look pretty damn skinny in the top, but well, I'm afraid if I take in a breath I'll crack a rib.

So dilemna is - should I get it let out? or no? LOL!
I have to get the skirt shortened, obviously LOL, but also the top I need a little SLIGHT take in at the bust just because well I don't really want to give everyone a show if I bend over LOL!



Holy Batcrap....tootsiepops, school and other crap

Well it has no come to my realization........ my kids are soooo growing up!

Visiting the kids school last week for Open House, seeing them settled in at school, excited (well mostly) and doing so well....wahhhhh where did my babies go???!! At least I have "B" right...yea, well she is even too grown up now....she loves to play, run, and wants to do all the same "big kid" things that her big bro and sis do.

Saturday was A's birthday - he is now the BIG 07 - we had a b-day party for him on Sunday morn @ Chuck E Cheese (he loved that) with a few friends and family. I told him to get dressed for his party in something decent (school clothes) and he said "Oh, I have to wear my shirt with the 7 on it because I'm 7 now" LOL! So we had to find that specific shirt for him and he wore it with pride and told EVERYONE in the place that he was 7 now and he made sure he wore his seven shirt because of it (Old Navy t-shirt with a jersey number printed on the back LOL).

On another note for him - he can officially read. I mean seriously. The kid read an entire note I wrote to his teacher! No more spelling obscene things in front of him...which reminds me of a funny story.. maybe I'll write about it sometime LOL

E is loving school - she is thrilled to be there, to get up in the morning, to go to music, to have a backpack, to go to art............... and she comes home EVERY day wanting to invite a "friend" over - this friend is different each day (today is was James) LOL! I have NO IDEA who these kids are but she just wants us to take them home with us. Clearly she doesn't understand how these things work LOL!

As for B and myself...well I don't know who the hell I was kidding when I thought once A & E went back to school that I'd have more time for myself, ha, well I just DO NOT!!! I find myself even MORE busy...and how the hell is that anyway? I mean really....especially considering B is so awesome and still takes two naps a day (a morning nap and an afternoon nap - am is around 9 or 10 and afternoon is around 3 ish)..... the world may never know I guess. Kinda like a tootsie pop...

As for tootsie pops - did you ever sit there and actually count your licks? My ADD would get the best of me (mind you I've never been diagnosed with ADD) and I'd just say fuck it and bite the damn thing. Same with blow pops, I mean really...did those people think we'd all just sit there and lick away and wait patiently for the sweet suprise in the middle? I was also the kid (and adult) that digs for the Cracker Jack Prize, Cereal box toy etc. first, then eat the goods.

As for Halloween - my problem is solved......my BFF Nay Nay came up with something PERFECT that was necessary for me to be a part of - you'll have to attend the party or wait for post party pics to know what it is!!!! ROCK ON!

I had something else I wanted to write about, but heck if I can remember what it is....maybe I should just go dig around the kids candy box for a tootsie pop or something till I think of it...

So long


But Wait..theres more...

So I was in the kitchen doing the dishes....apparently I have pissed the Dishes Fairy off because she hasn't visited in years....it's okay I didn't really like the bitch anyway.....and she never put the clean dishes away anyhow.....slacker...

so, I was doing dishes and heard "it's like grass on steroids" and I nearly pissed myself LOL!

I darted around the corner to see what the heck they were talking about..

I catch THIS and then went back to my dishes...

But I got to thinking......... if you use this and it's like Grass on Roids.....will the grass get Roid Rage???

Hmmmm something to think about


To be or Not to be....

that is the question at hand here people....

Heres why....... every year we go to THE halloween party at our friends R & C's house. It's a BIG DEAL and they go all out (decor, Witches Brew, etc etc etc) and EVERYONE dresses up. There are your typical "gimmes" (i.e. vampires, angels, vampire angels etc) and then some awesomely creative things (like the "lawn" guy - he was literally a "lawn" not like a lawnmower man, but the actual lawn, or of course the Milk Man and his pregnant woman (his wife), etc).

Chad and I MUST come up with something extremely awesome to just "kill it" this year and I need your help! We don't necessarily have to be "together" in our costumes, though that is always nice. We are open to individual ideas or "couples" costumes really. The more original the better of course and of COURSE we want some "humor" thrown in there as well.

So leave your comments and tell us your ideas so we can blast the place with our awesomeness (course we all know I have NO need to wear a costume to blast my awesomeness LOL...but hell it's the one time a year that people won't look at me funny for dressing up)

Now...comment away or else........hmmmmmm or else I'll leave a flaming bag of poo on your porch