So after just over 24 hours of hearing my daughter sound like a spawn of a Donkey and Darth Vader I called the pediatrician to have her seen. Took her in today just prior to lunch because, well she was hee hawing like a donkey....seriously.....

Come to find out...she's got Croup.........good news is, because we caught it within the first 48 hours, they can give her a steroid to help it pass. Bad news, it could possibly get worse with sleep/laying down or overexertion which could cause us to make a quick (ha) trip to the ER for a special breathing treatment.

Good news, because she can get the two doses of steriods (sans roid rage I was assured by our fab pediatrician LOL) she hopefully will feel much better, and stop hee hawing in a few days!

And as if that wasn't just fabulous enough to win me the Mom of the Year award.... well ... Chad has hurt his back somehow. How? Dunno............. but it's bad. He left work yesterday halfway through the day and called me in OBVIOUS pain to tell me he was heading to the Chiropractor because it hurt to walk, sit, stand, breath, live......................... after spending time being tortured with the midevil devices at the Crack Doctor (get it... crack your back...hahaha...come on, comedy is the only thing getting me through this day...) it is actually WAY worse. He's in bad shape and even had to stay home from work today because he can't move. He's wearing a back brace for lumbar support and must return to the chiro tomorrow.




So Baby B and I went with Chad on his work trip on Wed.    I can now officially say there is at least ONE place in the US that I don't EVER want to live.... Milledgevill GA. ..... talk about a totally boring lame place to be!   UGH!  

Their mall, yea MALL consisted of the following:

Belk (dept store like JC Penney)

JC Penney

Rite Aid Pharmacy

Crappy Chinese place

small deli diner thing

an "ethnic" clothing store

the Police Department

Walden Books

Bath & Body works

Goodys Family Clothing Store

Rack Room shoes

Armed Forces Recruitment Center

Claires boutique


And that is IT........PERIOD......NOTHING else...oh wait, yes, there was another - Maurices Clothing store


What I found uber funny though is in several locations (anywhere a hallway started or ended) they had a sign stating "Family First - we are commited to family blah blah blah - on Friday & Saturday nights noone under the age of 16 can be on premises without their parent or guardian"   hahahah dude, I can't IMAGINE even WANTING to hang at that lameass "mall".......

Now for a decent mall - this is MY mall here at home




Now that is a mall....course it's not this one...


I'd creme myself to spend a day or twelve (along with a few paychecks) there....hahahahah