Mind your peas and carrots....

Tonight was my night that I am FORCED to cook - Chads at school for the night and so it's up to me to make sure the kiddlets are fed.......
My choice for tonight was something that wouldn't keep me in the kitchen for a long period due to my not feeling well (allergies I think) and my inability to leave the kids in one room without someone nearing decaptiation or the baby squeeling... not with glee either......
So I opted for a Voila skillet mean - Garlic Chicken - just throw in a pan with some water and forget it (at least for 12 minutes anyway).... this particular meal includes the spirelli pasta, chicken breast chunks, corn, carrots and broccoli with a garlic sauce
I thought it was DELISH the kids however thought differently..... here's a little snippet...
6yo - "Mom what do carrots do"
Me - "they make you see better"
6yo - "well I can already see perfectly"
Me - nods head "well you still have to eat them"
6yo - "mom, what does corn do"
Me - "I forgot"
6yo - "Mom, what does brocolli do"
Me - "I forgot"
6yo - "then why do I have to eat it?"
Me - shakes head in despair, a look of obvious defeat on my face as I sigh and provide the proverbial answer "Because I said so, it's what's for dinner"
My kids are ALMOST too smart for their own good.................


Bili Baby Update #4


Baby C is doing great now at home. We went to the pediatrician for a checkup (combo follow up with the Jaundice as well as a 2 week check up just a few days early) today.

He's gained weight well even with the slight drop at the time of hospital admission - his weight was 8 lbs 2 oz already! He's already growing out from being my "tiny" baby!!!!

*** oh gotta go quick, he is waking up ***

Anyway - things look good for now, but we have to monitor him closely for any long term affects... otherwise he's doing great!

Bili Baby Update #3



This am they took his blood at 4:30, we snuggled back to sleep and figured it'd be a bit till we got the result, and I guess we fell hard asleep. I didn't even know when the nurse came in to do his vitals (and he was sleeping on my chest)....but around 7am Chad went out to the nurses desk to ask about his results. and our nurse wasn't out there yet.

Around 8:45 or so the Ped. came in and let us know his level was 11. something so that we'd be going home today.... HOORAY!!!!! So we hung out, they took him off the IV (but left the catheter/tubing in his arm) and made sure he'd tolerate being without those fluids....

THen a little bit later (around 9:45) the nurse came in with our discharge papers!!!!!!! Chad was all too quick to sign those and we loaded up and got the HECK OUT!

Came home, had a quick "present opening" with Chads mom, stepdad and Aunt, they left for Orlando, and an hour later his Dad and Stepmom have now arrived!

No rest for me LOL! but at least we are home, and we are nursing as much as possible and I made sure firmly that Chad knew I did NOT want him given a bottle of ANYTHING unless absolutely necessary for at least a few weeks hopefully so we can get abck on track with the nursing.....

Thank you again to EVERYONE for your thoughts and prayers during our ordeal........ I am SO glad to have him happy, healthy and back at home... now we hope to keep him here with us!