My Ribbon Keepers

Well I know I discussed it a bit back about how I "altered" my Stampin UP! Ribbon keepers. While I love my DIY Ribbon Pull EZE bag for all my loose ribbons, I just can't get anything better than my Stampin UP! Ribbon Keepers for my spools of ribbon. But I did a little improvement one day when I was wanting to "play" with a brand new Crop A Dile!!! So I whipped out some retired jumbo eyelets I had laying around (if you don't have any of these hearts or flowers that were retired a year or two ago you could use the new Jumbo Circle Eyelets from Stampin UP!) and then proceded to punch a row of holes in the front panel using my Crop A Dile tool and then setting the jumbo eyelets. Now I am able to thread the ribbon through the eyelet hole and it keeps the spools from unwinding at will (especially during transport) plus it keeps them from "jumping" into their buddies spool (do you have that problem when unrolling ribbon??!!! you won't once you do THIS to your ribbon keepers!!!)............ So what do you think???


Mardi Gras....2008

Here's a teaser photo for ya...go check out http://www.lekrewedubrew.blogspot.com/ shortly for more photos from the 2008 Mardi Gras Festivities!!!

Pine Car Derby - More Scouts with A Man

I forgot to mention that my little A Man also competed in the Scouts Pine Car Derby competition. He placed in 2nd at his Pack race. That gave him the opportunity to take his car to the Districts. While he didn't win at Districts he wasn't too far behind the winner (in fact the winner actually "borrowed" a few weights from Chad just prior to the race....... oh well eh LOL)....

Regardless Aidan sure was proud of his work and is anxiously awaiting the SpaceRace that will be very soon (it was to be last week but then had to be rescheduled). He's already got his rocket painted and ready!!!!

Scouts - A Man

Aidan was recently given his Bobcat Badge for Cub Scouts. This took place at the Blue & Gold Banquet held in late February. We attended the banquet as a family and even Mimi and Papa came! There was great food and a fabulous time. It was great to see Aidan so proud of his work! He also received a few other badges and such for different achievements. He's really begun to enjoy the Cub Scouts now. Earlier this year he even got to go camp overnight (with daddy of course) on the USS Battleship in Mobile AL. The scouts went over just prior to dinnertime and met at the ship. They had a pizza dinner and then got to tour the ship and sleep on the ship that night. They returned the next morning with LOTS of stories to tell!

Baby Brenna...

Well she's not a baby anymore...this "baby" will be 2 in just a few weeks....
Here is a photo that I snapped of her on Easter Sunday after all the hullabaloo was over and she'd had a nap........ I just love it.....

Easter 2008

I know it's been forever since I've written anything...it's definately not for lack of anything to say that is for sure....but more for lack of time. Or the fact that when I finally do have the time I've either forgotten the great, funny, etc thing that has happened that day with the kids, or I am just too danged tired to write it out LOL!
But, here I am to share photos from Easter 2008 - we went to my parents house yesterday for Easter. We had a great potluck dinner with the family (and some extended family/friends) and all the kids went out for a mega egg hunt (over 200 eggs - all plastic I assure you ..... my dad kept asking to make sure we weren't hiding REAL eggs to get forgotten LOL).....
So without further ado....at least I leave the hiatus to bring you photos.......

The Family - Easter 2008

Aidan - Easter 2008 (Age 7 years)

Elisa - Easter 2008 (Age 5.5 years)

Brenna - Easter 2008 (Age 23 Months)