Our family has a HUGE announcement....

We have a new member of the Sloman family ..... nope, I'm not pregnant again . Frankly I don't think ANY of us could handle that kind of scandal - hah!

Today when A-man, Lou Lou and Boo Bear got home from school they found a package on the front porch. Apparently we had a delivery from EPS (you know, Elf Parcel Service) direct from Santa at the North Pole.

Of course they couldn't WAIT to see what was in there.....

..... after much deliberation - we settled on a name .....

Let us introduce to you .... TIPPY JINGLES (Sloman)

I sure hope he doesn't get into too many shenanigans around here .... but time will tell :)

Merry Christmas everyone!


Learn, Laugh, Cook: Cookbook Giveaway - You Can Be A Winner!

A fairly new friend of mine recently finished giving birth to her newest baby.... her very own, written all by her big girl self, Cookbook! She may even love it as much (or more) than her Lil Diva .... but I digress --- it's a pretty awesome cookbook - I got to see it up close and in person ... though I haven't gotten an autograph yet ... hmmm

or better yet - win one by going here ....http://learn-laugh-cook.blogspot.com/2010/12/cookbook-giveaway-you-can-be-winner.html?showComment=1291308407167_AIe9_BFEWOJ0Y-221jr77uSMFATGYXfl_dD_p4sVqfEjgTgInpo5SRW0D2UoYuhV_He3jjK6J3RWoeLrSHKzPXiIWZ7Ylv1gENxNu9CNIOVPCuDkoz1jT0NUuUGcwWAImfK0gXLTmbfZp6s5dpmU7BzOivG8Ny8QrwouQjw9ZipUzApyRYumUazoFb7MYk6KC_L-ZlL6lI_274usz5So_NagnWTkZVmxe8vFmDaf3Vay9abIdm5uJuRUO2yaJYSF4cnqag2AfPHSoVsvAoYuk_VL6DR8Vm6d14uTMQPXJSqfcnF_2Pk6SltOxlgBLLGO8wvnLqhc_DfBlu1QCELMSyuEjFEyBeNTSKVIc_N6a0PmLzZvlFRWOzgrNItfa4jQ_aOIbjoJCwNeYe1PECDTEGJLvmFK1e24X3bZa1cJbCZ09WwBeHaGjrfgcSDB0Szm8dDVo6_91cdKJjGND93_QlYVBBla1iYldFj_WFXz9_jtSrmVBWQ9bgMdDvljN-wsXO8LP6Oj8xZpdBYfMkI9LrOkGlkHH_4C4MDZbztMWonuf4fXe3DTXNe2i7BIO7BEc5sSMbx2VPXNTBf3FNJRFqVftzcs5iWi3RJ_iXej1aZKErjldifABdE6LAjctYc4SLrEVkP2RdLwvqPIN3hkFfnKMsoMe32ElqmsAbeuYPe5piV3X3clgE7vSHgf-TreWVH8YF1T5orM#c9050775216394604365

Learn, Laugh, Cook: Cookbook Giveaway - You Can Be A Winner!: "Well even though I was a total loser yesterday for messing up my own recipe, you can have the chance to feel like a winner! And nothing mak..."


Weight loss Giveaway

This might be one I'll have to try - I trust in Lynseys judgement on taste (though our tastes in adult beverages have differed over the years she did turn me to one I really love LOL).......

Thought I'd share with others too :)

This is from Lynseys blog post - you can click on one of her links to read or go to
Party Plan Coach Review for ViSalus to see this on her site directly :)

I am so excited to tell you about this new product and offer such an awesome giveaway from Jeannie Aylsworth, Independent Distributor for ViSalus Sciences. Jeannie is a dear friend of mine who I have often talked with about my desire to lose weight and get healthy again. I have tried several “fad” diets, spent $500+ on a Wii Fit (though I haven’t used it as much as I had wanted to), even tried the Jillian Michaels 14 Day Cleanse (two words – night mare) but I seemed to be “stuck” at this one particular weight. I had voiced my struggle to my friend Jeannie and was just tickled when she called me and said “We MUST go to dinner this week, I have something I want you to try.”

Jeannie is someone I trust implicitly, especially when it comes to health and wellness. However when she handed me a package of this new “meal replacement shake” I was a bit skeptical. In fact, I set it on my desk when I got home, and didn’t think about it again. But when she called me (daily) to ask if I had tried it, I knew I had better get to it. She offered to do a Review/Giveaway, and I knew there was no backing out then. I committed to the Review, and I can not say how pleased I am with the results. So much so I ordered more before even finishing the Review.

Now, as I said, I have tried “everything” weightloss. Shakes, pills, meal bars, “cookies” (they misspelled cardboard), and whatnot, but I am saying with complete honesty, these shakes are DELICIOUS. They even have additional little “flavor” packets, but I like the shakes just straight. I mixed one packet with 8 ounces of Vanilla Silk Milk (something else I had refused to try before this) and was immediately hooked. For the first time EVER – I was full. And not just for 20 minutes. I was full until lunch.

Before I get too carried away, let me tell you a little about ViSalus. The term ViSalus comes from the Latin “Vi,” meaning Life, and “Salus,” which means Health and Prosperity. This new company has already been topping charts and turning heads around the country. Their Management Team is unique to our industry – including three, young, high energy entrepreneurs who know the health and wellness industry well. Though they have only been around for 3 years, they have the backing of the Direct Sales monster Blyth, Inc, a company who has been around more than 30 years. With their amazing products, management, and compensation, I have no doubt that ViSalus will be making headlines in the Direct Sales World for a very long time.

Another amazing aspect that is setting ViSalus ahead of all of the other “weight loss” style party plan companies is their “Body by Vi” challenge – bringing together a community of “losers” to support and encourage one another on the journey to getting fit. As I have said in all of my Leadership Training - “a supported consultant is a successful consultant” - it really boils down to a supported PERSON is a successful person – the owners of ViSalus know this, understand this, and are diligently working on building a remarkable support group around the World. With their Referral Program, offering anyone the chance to earn free product, and their Feed Hungry Kids Campaign, ViSalus is truly setting themselves ahead of the “pack” for all health and wellness companies out there.

I personally became a believer during this review – losing NINE pounds over the course of a little less than 2 weeks. First, to kick me off my weight “plateau” but secondly to be the first product ever that actually kept me feeling FULL is just remarkable. And I will go ahead and admit, I was supposed to also be taking the supplements, but I am terrible about remembering to take pills, so I literally lost all of that weight just simply by using the Meal Replacement Shakes.

You may have read my “30 by 30″ post and my own personal challenge to lose weight this summer, and I am confident and beyond excited that I will be able to easily achieve this goal with the help of ViSalus.


Disney on Ice --- for FREE??!!!

Check it out - I was over at http://www.faithfullyfrugal-and-free.com and saw she had a giveaway for 4 FREE tickets to Disney On Ice 100 Years of Magic! WOW - I just had to share (plus I get an entry to win too by sharing with you guys here)!

My kids LOVE when we go do something "special" but they especially have loved the few things we've seen on ice --- okay so the one thing one kid has seen LOL hahahahaha - but regardless - they'd LOVE to go to this AND my Almost Four Year old would LOVE this as a 2 day late birthday present :)

Be sure to head on over to the blog above and enter to win too :)
But if you win - you better take me :) oh and one of my kids :)

Disney On Ice 100 Years of Magic is coming to Pensacola, FL starting Friday April 22nd - April 25th! You can click HERE to view each dates showtime.Thanks to Disney On Ice I am giving away 4 tickets to my readers for the 7pm show on April 22nd!You can find out more about the show, dates, and locations by checking out the Disney On Ice website. Tickets are $17.75 - $48.75 Order Tickets HERE


Like Pandora but MUCH more affordable

I found this on a fellow mom-preneurs website - I felt compelled to share because of the great affordability of this product .... Be sure to check out Party Plan Coach for a chance to win a beautiful mom ring!!! I've started myself a loooong list of beads that I want for a bracelet and who knows what else :)

BellaBeads 925 is a brand new Party Plan Company taking the industry by storm with their beautiful, AFFORDABLE, “Pandora-style” beads, rings, earrings, and bracelets. Each piece of their gorgeous jewelry is made from the finest quality raw materials including sterling silver, Murano glass, natural pearls and crystals, making each bead unique and a true treasure.

The beauty of jewelry like this is that you can continue to grow and build your piece with new events, new memories, and new special moments. There is no “wrong way” to build a bracelet – whether you choose a specific pattern, color scheme, or a random collection, you will have a beautiful unique piece that will last many generations.

Building a BellaBeads 925 piece take only four fun steps -

  1. Select your jewelry – bracelets, rings, and earrings all of which can be customized with beads and charms
  2. Select your beads and charms from their extensive collection of unique colors, shapes, and designs
  3. Assemble your piece in any order you would like, knowing you can always rearrange for a new look
  4. Personalize your bracelet further with a unique clasp to end finalize look

Get your girlfriends involved and Hostess a BellBeads 925 Building Party! Hostesses can receive free jewelry of their choice and have a fun, relaxing night of designing with one of their professional Charm Consultants. With their generous Hostess Program, you can earn your very own bracelet, plus all of the beads to create your own piece!

Or, if you want even more, consider joining this ground-floor opportunity and become a Founding Charm Consultant!


Mind your peas and carrots....

Tonight was my night that I am FORCED to cook - Chads at school for the night and so it's up to me to make sure the kiddlets are fed.......
My choice for tonight was something that wouldn't keep me in the kitchen for a long period due to my not feeling well (allergies I think) and my inability to leave the kids in one room without someone nearing decaptiation or the baby squeeling... not with glee either......
So I opted for a Voila skillet mean - Garlic Chicken - just throw in a pan with some water and forget it (at least for 12 minutes anyway).... this particular meal includes the spirelli pasta, chicken breast chunks, corn, carrots and broccoli with a garlic sauce
I thought it was DELISH the kids however thought differently..... here's a little snippet...
6yo - "Mom what do carrots do"
Me - "they make you see better"
6yo - "well I can already see perfectly"
Me - nods head "well you still have to eat them"
6yo - "mom, what does corn do"
Me - "I forgot"
6yo - "Mom, what does brocolli do"
Me - "I forgot"
6yo - "then why do I have to eat it?"
Me - shakes head in despair, a look of obvious defeat on my face as I sigh and provide the proverbial answer "Because I said so, it's what's for dinner"
My kids are ALMOST too smart for their own good.................


Bili Baby Update #4


Baby C is doing great now at home. We went to the pediatrician for a checkup (combo follow up with the Jaundice as well as a 2 week check up just a few days early) today.

He's gained weight well even with the slight drop at the time of hospital admission - his weight was 8 lbs 2 oz already! He's already growing out from being my "tiny" baby!!!!

*** oh gotta go quick, he is waking up ***

Anyway - things look good for now, but we have to monitor him closely for any long term affects... otherwise he's doing great!

Bili Baby Update #3



This am they took his blood at 4:30, we snuggled back to sleep and figured it'd be a bit till we got the result, and I guess we fell hard asleep. I didn't even know when the nurse came in to do his vitals (and he was sleeping on my chest)....but around 7am Chad went out to the nurses desk to ask about his results. and our nurse wasn't out there yet.

Around 8:45 or so the Ped. came in and let us know his level was 11. something so that we'd be going home today.... HOORAY!!!!! So we hung out, they took him off the IV (but left the catheter/tubing in his arm) and made sure he'd tolerate being without those fluids....

THen a little bit later (around 9:45) the nurse came in with our discharge papers!!!!!!! Chad was all too quick to sign those and we loaded up and got the HECK OUT!

Came home, had a quick "present opening" with Chads mom, stepdad and Aunt, they left for Orlando, and an hour later his Dad and Stepmom have now arrived!

No rest for me LOL! but at least we are home, and we are nursing as much as possible and I made sure firmly that Chad knew I did NOT want him given a bottle of ANYTHING unless absolutely necessary for at least a few weeks hopefully so we can get abck on track with the nursing.....

Thank you again to EVERYONE for your thoughts and prayers during our ordeal........ I am SO glad to have him happy, healthy and back at home... now we hope to keep him here with us!


Bili Baby Update #2

12/29 Midnight

BIG UPDATE!!!! - the test run from the blood draw at 11pm came back with a level of 13.8 so we are JUST below the magic number of 14 -

They however have now allowed us to turn off the lights, we took off his "sunglasses" and wrapped him up in a blankie and now he's snuggled up into my chest. He's still got his IV of course so this is "interesting" for holding....

But also more great news - I've been cleared to go ahead and return to nursing him as well! HOORAY! Course he just had a bottle and I just pumped so we'll just start with the next time he awakes hungry and go from there - I want to let him snuggle a bit first LOL!

Please keep the prayers coming though - we need him to keep going down on his numbers so we can GET OUTTA HERE!!!!!!