Lament for a laptop

Oh dear I fear I have lost my best friend........(at least temporarily).....I hate to inform everyone that my laptop has taken a turn for the worse and is now in the LICU (laptop intensive care unit)..... apparently it's lifeline (also known as the power supply cord) went out and it may take a week or so for me to get a new one in from HP (I have the extended warranty plan so I didn't want to spend $150 to get a new supply cord right then and there inside Circuit city)....I'm so lost without my bestfriend....Lucy the Laptop.... get your rest now while you can because next week we have a date for an all day websurfing session........*tear*


  1. You poor thing. You have my sympathies!

  2. Poor Lucy....I feel for you.
    Sending my condolences, and wishes for a speedy return from HP.
    Hope they are faster than Microsoft...we are waiting for our Xbox 360 which died.

  3. Oh that's weird. That just happened to me recently, too. I think the kids were playing w/ the cord. They think it's a jump rope. LOL