So Baby B and I went with Chad on his work trip on Wed.    I can now officially say there is at least ONE place in the US that I don't EVER want to live.... Milledgevill GA. ..... talk about a totally boring lame place to be!   UGH!  

Their mall, yea MALL consisted of the following:

Belk (dept store like JC Penney)

JC Penney

Rite Aid Pharmacy

Crappy Chinese place

small deli diner thing

an "ethnic" clothing store

the Police Department

Walden Books

Bath & Body works

Goodys Family Clothing Store

Rack Room shoes

Armed Forces Recruitment Center

Claires boutique


And that is IT........PERIOD......NOTHING else...oh wait, yes, there was another - Maurices Clothing store


What I found uber funny though is in several locations (anywhere a hallway started or ended) they had a sign stating "Family First - we are commited to family blah blah blah - on Friday & Saturday nights noone under the age of 16 can be on premises without their parent or guardian"   hahahah dude, I can't IMAGINE even WANTING to hang at that lameass "mall".......

Now for a decent mall - this is MY mall here at home




Now that is a mall....course it's not this one...


I'd creme myself to spend a day or twelve (along with a few paychecks) there....hahahahah

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