Our family has a HUGE announcement....

We have a new member of the Sloman family ..... nope, I'm not pregnant again . Frankly I don't think ANY of us could handle that kind of scandal - hah!

Today when A-man, Lou Lou and Boo Bear got home from school they found a package on the front porch. Apparently we had a delivery from EPS (you know, Elf Parcel Service) direct from Santa at the North Pole.

Of course they couldn't WAIT to see what was in there.....

..... after much deliberation - we settled on a name .....

Let us introduce to you .... TIPPY JINGLES (Sloman)

I sure hope he doesn't get into too many shenanigans around here .... but time will tell :)

Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. I love your last remark about not getting into too many shenanigans lol He's a sloman....what do expect? :)

  2. True on that one Hope --- true on that one :) He is a Sloman so I'm SURE there will be some crazy shenanigans