Beautiful girls...and boys...

Well we are back from IL, and to be honest, we've been home for a week now LOL! So shoot me, I've been enjoying my time as a mommy of ONE!!! thats right - A and E stayed with Grandma & Grandpa and B came home with daddy and I. B and I have been enjoying the time bonding together while daddy is at work. She can shop just like her mommy (okay so really we've done more "window" shopping than anything, but at least we are getting out of the house just a bit, and she LOVES having me all to herself. I don't know HOW she will react Wed. with her big brother and sister come home. That should be interesting.

Well my BIG reason for posting is to share just a few photos I took on the day of the wedding. While we were waiting around for the kids "turns" with the photographer (A was a ring bearer, E was a flower girl and B was, well I guess a junior flower girl, though she didn't walk down the aisle, daddy (an usher) walked her down and sat her with me in the pew), I snapped some shots of my own with me SOON TO BE RETIRED Konica Minolta DiMage Z2 (man I can't WAIT for that tax refund to come in so I can by my new digi Rebel!!!)...anyhow - here are a few of my favorites!!!


  1. Gorgeous photos! And look...Elisa has hair!!!!! I can't believe that they are growing so much. Well, I guess I can since it has been a year and a half but it still hard not to imagine them the way I left!

  2. a mean old bitch like you with such a good lookin family, how'd ya do it? *giggle*