Great Hair Day

Okay so I went and had my hair hacked off today! I just couldn't stand it any longer! When my hair gets too long (it was approx 4-5 inches below my shoulders I guess) it starts really falling out and looks thing, but still shiny and soft and healthy otherwise LOL! This started happening once I started making babies and hasn't stopped, even in that 3 year break between having Elisa and then getting pregnant with Brenna, so whatever. Anyhow, I'd finally had enough and oculnd't stand it anymore so I marched to the hairdo place and just said "okay I gotta get my hair hacked, but I need a minute to look at some pictures". So I sat down and took about 15 mins or so and just finally settled on a few pics I liked. I had thought about having my hair cut short around my face and then "stacked" in the back, but didnt' think it could be done with my hair because it's not "super" thick you know. Well I asked her, showed her a pic of what I was talking about plus the other ones and asked her what she thought. She said "There is no reason why we can't stack your hair if that is what you would prefer". So we went with it...
here is the end result - what do you think??????? I love it and think I just might keep this one around for awhile even....


  1. looks good! Glad you are happy with it too as that is what is most important!

  2. super cute, I love it! Can I cop a feel ;)

  3. Hey E I kept meanng to come by and tell you I really liked this cut. :) Really looks good on you. :-)

    I liked it so much I went and had mine stacked as well.