Fly Lady Beware...

Whew, I don't know what happened.... well yea, yea I do... It all started out with me just spending some time in my craft room to take some photos of some projects for my Stampin Blog when all of a sudden it became a situation where I thought "hey, next I'll take some photos of my craft room". At that point I realized "hmmm I should clean up and organize a little before I do that" so I started that projet. HA, bad idea! Now approximately oh.....3.5 hours later I have the CLOSET cleaned out (what, I wasn't planning to take photos of the CLOSET for petes sake LOL) and one book shelf and cabinet reorganized.

I did however do a big "fling" as I think is a term in the "Fly Lady" land of thinking/cleaning. I have now got a nice pile for Freecycle and a nice pile of Scrap Mags that I think I'm going to try to sell off on Ebay. I'm pretty excited with myself. However of course I'm not "finished" yet, but I will do that tomorrow.

So now.....after I finish watching Traveler I will need to continue the cleaning momentum and do the dishes and fold the towels I washed yesterday LOL!

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