What the heck????

*** this all happened on Sunday......***

sooooo today started off shitty...I should have known it would not have gotten better right.....

9am, the phone rings, Chad hops up and answers without looking at caller id (HELLOOOO there is a reason we pay for that service for christs sake) and it's work, he has to come in NOW.

I have a class @ 2pm, great, I have a Stampin UP! class to teach, and 3 kids running amuck and my sister and my parents are all out of town to Tampa...........crap..oh well, we'll make do right...

9:15, Elisa come strolling out of her room, she didn't put on a pull up last night, so she peed all over herself and bed (nope, didn't get upset, not worried about that at all..just learnign to roll with it) so put her in the bath (she wanted to use my bathroom instead of hers), then go about the rest of my stuff (doing dishes, laundry, stripping her bed down etc).

She comes out, we get dressed, I made a deal with the kids about not interuppting mommies class and then we did lunch. I had my class (it actually went really well) then Chad gets home from work (he convinced his boss he HAD to go home, evne though I was almost done with my class thoug) and I finish up with class. He starts to take a shower, I go in and am chatting with him and realize the tub isn't draining.

Well we get to working on that issue when he gets out. Toilet flush, hmmmm it starts backing up to the tub. CRAP! (not literally thank god LOL). So we start plunging , not working, toilet not flushing, shessus. So okay, we decide to open the drain line that is outside on the carport area, that's not seeming to work. I got looking at my parents house for his plumbing snake, can't find it but find a metal tape, we try that, not working, so finally we break down and go to Home Depot and rent a plumbing snake ($22) and then come home, snake the lines, try snaking toilet, but can't seem to get it through the toilet (thinking it is because it is the hairpin turn)....well we keep messing, we take the hose and run it through the lines, nope, not backing up, that says "OMG IT IS THE TOILET!!!" so head back to the depot, $100 later, we have a new toilet (and seat and wax ring and bolts etc), we install it, and.............


Thanks god, cuz if not, I was gonna pull a karate kick and bust that shit!


  1. Sorry to hear about your bad day. I wish I had been around to help with the children...you know i would have been happy to do that! At least things worked out in the end for you. And just think of it...it may be $122.00 later, but oyu have a whole new toilet now!

  2. Glad it all got fixed. I know all to well about karate kicking the toilet.

  3. We've had that happen to our toilet before to. Nothing like the joys of being a home owner.