My Baby went bye bye...

Well last week it hit me...and it hit me hard...but it hit her harder (more on that later).... that my baby has gone bye bye.

Gone are the days when B can snuggle on my bosom (her daddy has reclaimed that spot), gone are the days of have "I have a newborn" as an excuse to stay in my pajamas all day (or for why the house is a mess, the kids are wearing the same clothes they ahd on yesterday, dirty dishes still in the sink, daily trips to McDonalds for dinner versus cooking because we are all out of clean dishes ...well you get the picture there I'm sure, at least you will if you've ever had a newborn around), gone are the days where I can beg off going here or there by using the "baby" as an excuse, gone are the days of napping in the middle of the day because "baby kept me up all night", gone are the days....

well frankly put, gone are the days of having a "baby" around the house... (at least for a bit.... gimme 10 months..I'm working on a remedy to this).....

anyhow.......last week, Tuesday to be exact..... my "baby" officially left babyhood and entered toddlerhood. Heres how it all went down.....
I put her down for morning nap as usual in her crib. I proceded to go about doing my chores while she napped, again as usual. When I heard her fussing to get up I finished up my task (taking out the trash, putting in a new bag and washing my hands) and went blowing into her room to get her out of her bed (by this time she was a bit worked up) and it hit me...and her... (this is the part I was talking about) because I hit her square in the head with her door.

Apparently my "big" girl no longer needs her crib and decided that she was ready to get out and therefore, did. Climbed right on out. Fortunately didn't get hurt at all, but scared the hello dolly outta me.

I promptly started disassembling the crib and putting up her big girl toddler bed we had bought from a friend a bit back in preparation for this momentous day. She was ecstatic about her new bed and couldn't stay off it once I got it all put together for her. I also moved her toy bin thing from the living room to her very own room, rearranged her changing table (removing the baskets of diapers etc from the bottom shelves and relocating those to the top of her dresser).

B now has a big girl room - guess I should finish the painting in there (just got to put a fresh coat of white on the trim and shelves).

You know it does make me a touch sad to see my "baby" growing up (she'll be two in just a few months....), however it is also a glorious thing to be back to up and running wherever whenever with her - especially with the older kiddoes at school all day.

Now back to my regularly scheduled laundry and dishes schedule....


  1. I always say...the problem is is that they grow up. Of course, I have those sleepless nights right now, so there are times I wish for the older days!

    Brenna looks so much like Elisa. I can't believe how much they look alike! And at least you already had a bed you could consider putting her in!

  2. I like the bed, how is she doing with it?
    Popped in to let you know there is now a variety of tags for your website that announce that you are a Magnificent Mama of the Universe, please pop in and get one.
    The Mama Bear

  3. I love that bed!

    Cate will be 2 in April and I took her side of her crib out and lowered it awhile ago. She was doing the same thing!

  4. I love that bed!

    Cate will be 2 in April and I took her side of her crib out and lowered it awhile ago. She was doing the same thing!