Easter 2008

I know it's been forever since I've written anything...it's definately not for lack of anything to say that is for sure....but more for lack of time. Or the fact that when I finally do have the time I've either forgotten the great, funny, etc thing that has happened that day with the kids, or I am just too danged tired to write it out LOL!
But, here I am to share photos from Easter 2008 - we went to my parents house yesterday for Easter. We had a great potluck dinner with the family (and some extended family/friends) and all the kids went out for a mega egg hunt (over 200 eggs - all plastic I assure you ..... my dad kept asking to make sure we weren't hiding REAL eggs to get forgotten LOL).....
So without further ado....at least I leave the hiatus to bring you photos.......

The Family - Easter 2008

Aidan - Easter 2008 (Age 7 years)

Elisa - Easter 2008 (Age 5.5 years)

Brenna - Easter 2008 (Age 23 Months)


  1. Yay, new pictures! I love the family pic.

  2. WOW! Look how big they're getting! Elisa has hair!!