Scouts - A Man

Aidan was recently given his Bobcat Badge for Cub Scouts. This took place at the Blue & Gold Banquet held in late February. We attended the banquet as a family and even Mimi and Papa came! There was great food and a fabulous time. It was great to see Aidan so proud of his work! He also received a few other badges and such for different achievements. He's really begun to enjoy the Cub Scouts now. Earlier this year he even got to go camp overnight (with daddy of course) on the USS Battleship in Mobile AL. The scouts went over just prior to dinnertime and met at the ship. They had a pizza dinner and then got to tour the ship and sleep on the ship that night. They returned the next morning with LOTS of stories to tell!

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  1. Whose kid is this? I remember YOUR kids being LITTLE!