Give up?

I dunno, so I can always have something fun and witty to say when I am sitting around with my friends. Especially when it's a late night meetup at the Starbucks down the road (mmmmm white chocolate mocha) or most especially when I've had a beer or twelve. However, I don't seem to ever get any of my funny shit on this blog. The main reason, honestly, would be lack of time, or maybe I should just be honest and say laziness. I think of something great, something witty, something to really make people WANT to read this POS - but I either can't run to the laptop and tap tap tap away or I don't FEEL like running to the laptop.

I have two GREAT friends who have such witty and or thought provoking posts on their blogs that I just LOVE hitting their blogs and checking them out. Not to mention the blogs that they have mentioned or blogrolled that I troll around on when I've got idle time on my hands and feel the "need" to be one with my laptop............. (If you want to know who they are - the friends that is - they are on the links on the side..... my little Pessimist who still needs love too and my 40 something friend who really, really should know better)......

I dunno.... I dunno what I really want with this blog.... I wanted originally this blog to "vent" and be witty and share stories, but I find myself now unsure of what I want.... or moreso what I actually have time to do.....it seems when it comes down to the end of the day I am too tired or cant remember the witty or smartass thing I wanted to "discuss" amongst myself or perhaps it's first thing in the AM when I actually have a moment to sit and be one with my laptop and nothing witty has risen in the muck of my brain yet.....

soooo should I stay or should I go now?????

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