Oh so busy..

well as if I didn't have ENOUGH on my plate... I dove in headfirst in another "thing"!.....

I'm officially a Girl Scout Daisy Leader now - and I've got a new friend who is Co-Leader with me (her daughter and Elisa go to the same school though they are a grade apart but are fast becoming friends). We're embarking on this journey with our girls and we are all learning along the way! So far so good. We'll see how the year progresses...wish us luck.... did I mention my Co-Leader K is also pregnant? Yea she's just a month behind me - fun fun!

Now for the real meat and potatoes of this post..........
Talk about a cramped studio apartment
(yea those are his knees in his face - rump on right, head and feet on left along with the arms over the head).....
And in case anyone was worried...yea it's still a boy and yea, he's still not shy about it LOL!

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