I'm such a slacker, I know it, beleive me I know it...
But who would have thought that once the kids went BACK to school that I'd get BUSIER! Sheesh!

Lots to talk about I guess -

A & E are doing great at school so far and the riding of the bus thing is going soooooo smoothly! I love it, and E loves it, A wishes I'd take them again b/c its too loud on the bus he said.

A - started back to Cub Scouts - he's now a "wolf" and is really enjoying it. I'm glad too b/c he needs "something" to do besides being harassed by his sisters and playing video games

E - joined the Daisy Scouts with Girl Scouts - Does anyone want some cookies LOL! I know I'll be buying em buy the case from my cute little daisy girl LOL hahahahah! She really loves it and has been looking forward to being a "scout" ever since A joined Cub Scouts last year.

Chad is also doing good back at school - he's going three days a week now for Dif. Equations, but that is the only class he is taking this term b/c the only other class he has to take before the Eng. Program specific classes is Physics 2 and it was ONLY offered at the EXACT same time as the Dif Equations class, so hence, one class this term. Kinda stinks, but kinda nice considering we've been so busy with the new baby coming and the end of summer, start of school with the kids etc. Good that he didn't pile too much on I guess.

The baby is doing well. We are looking at potential for a C-section as soon as early Dec. it seems though due to some complications with the placentas placement. I'm not thrilled about this at ALL, but I can't change it, so we'll just have to wait it out and see. We did have a follow up US this week and found out he's 2lbs 2oz currently - and you can see better his face and all - like you can see "fat" cheeks instead of him just looking like Skeletor or something LOL! We even got a quick peek at 3D images, though he wouldn't show his face... so that's still a mystery of sorts, but got some great pictures of his hands and feet in 3D so that was pretty cool. Chad nor myself have ever experienced the 3D thing before with the other kids.

I'll leave you with that and then share a few photos....

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  1. Awwww. What great pics! Gosh, isn't technology terrific!?

    Happy New Week!