Bili Baby Update #2

12/29 Midnight

BIG UPDATE!!!! - the test run from the blood draw at 11pm came back with a level of 13.8 so we are JUST below the magic number of 14 -

They however have now allowed us to turn off the lights, we took off his "sunglasses" and wrapped him up in a blankie and now he's snuggled up into my chest. He's still got his IV of course so this is "interesting" for holding....

But also more great news - I've been cleared to go ahead and return to nursing him as well! HOORAY! Course he just had a bottle and I just pumped so we'll just start with the next time he awakes hungry and go from there - I want to let him snuggle a bit first LOL!

Please keep the prayers coming though - we need him to keep going down on his numbers so we can GET OUTTA HERE!!!!!!


  1. Thank goodness you can nurse him again! That's great for both of you. Hoping y'all are home and nestled in before the New Year.

    It's awful to not be able to be in the comfort of your home with your baby; then, you have the rest of the family too.

    It'll all be back on track here....


  2. Hey lady! I am so sorry to hear what you guys are going through. He is sooo cute though. I hope that I get to meet him!!! I will definatly keep you guys in my prayers. Miss you!!!

  3. Well I am keeping my thoughts and prayers with you and the family, you will have your lil guy home soon I am sure, I am glad you are nursing again, i know the feeling, it would have been so hard on me if i could not nurse Maddi..

    love ya guys

  4. Hey girl, I just caught on to what's going on. You and the little man are in my prayers! Love you!