Bili Baby Update

Hey guys -

12/28 5pm Update: The 4pm test results just came back to us - his level came back @ 15.4

So now we wait with both bili lights again for another 6 hours, they will retest again then (approx 10pm) and if we are @ 14 or less they'll take the lights off and then we sit for another 6 hours and do another retest to make sure he's not going back up again.

Not the best news, but I suppose not the worst news either - please keep the prayers coming - and please keep prayers for my milk too - due to not nursing (i'm trying to pump) I've lost alot of milk already and my last pump session was only able to nab 1.5 ounces TOTAL from both breasts with a pump time of almost an hour and a half between the two!!!!! I'm very upset about this as it is so important to me to breastfeed.

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  1. I know how important the nursing is to you. We have discussed that in the past.

    I really hope for good news the next two tests! You deserve it. I wish I could be there to help support you. Carson, you and your family are all in my thoughts. I hope things turn around for you all really soon!