Mind your peas and carrots....

Tonight was my night that I am FORCED to cook - Chads at school for the night and so it's up to me to make sure the kiddlets are fed.......
My choice for tonight was something that wouldn't keep me in the kitchen for a long period due to my not feeling well (allergies I think) and my inability to leave the kids in one room without someone nearing decaptiation or the baby squeeling... not with glee either......
So I opted for a Voila skillet mean - Garlic Chicken - just throw in a pan with some water and forget it (at least for 12 minutes anyway).... this particular meal includes the spirelli pasta, chicken breast chunks, corn, carrots and broccoli with a garlic sauce
I thought it was DELISH the kids however thought differently..... here's a little snippet...
6yo - "Mom what do carrots do"
Me - "they make you see better"
6yo - "well I can already see perfectly"
Me - nods head "well you still have to eat them"
6yo - "mom, what does corn do"
Me - "I forgot"
6yo - "Mom, what does brocolli do"
Me - "I forgot"
6yo - "then why do I have to eat it?"
Me - shakes head in despair, a look of obvious defeat on my face as I sigh and provide the proverbial answer "Because I said so, it's what's for dinner"
My kids are ALMOST too smart for their own good.................

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  1. Augh! You made me giggle! Though, I'm prepared with answers for all those questions when it comes to food!

    Still, I'm questioned... "why again? what again?"

    Like a little test to see if it is still true or if I just make it up as we go along ;-)