haha - now that is great

So found this on a friends blog and decided to see what I'd be rated.... so here it is...

It says it was based on the use of the word "crap" x2 and "shit" x1

Guess it's a good thing I haven't REALLY let my mouth fly yet huh...


  1. Give yourself a few more months and I'm sure you'll manage at least an R rating!

  2. that thing is full of CRAP LOL I just checked my myspace blog and page for rating... and I don't know if you've read my blog but plenty of "adult content" and it said it was rated "G" lol and then my myspace profile has the word "bitch" on it... and it didn't catch it but it did cath the word "death" in a friends comment so my myspace profile was rated "PG" lol uh huh sure... I'm sooo PG :)

  3. Why did I think you'd get an X rating? LOL