the sound of ***TAPS***

Well it's happened again...my precious has passed away.
My wireless card in my laptop went "smell ya on the flipside" and dipped out on me. So I'm left with my precious that won't take me to my beloved internet...WAHHHHHH!!!!

I called Circuit City (and after being hung up on several times - rude crackers) and was informed this has been happening recently when Windows runs an update on the PC and then it burns up the wireless card. Not something they can fix in store of course, so wahhhhh I'm going to be without my laptop for 2-6 weeks. I'm so sad!!!

So now I'm backing up everything to disk (because I can't back up things by pulling it through the network since the card is dead!!!) and then carting it through it's funeral procession.

I'm pretty sad about it.... but I'll just eat some leftover thanksgiving eats (cookies, green bean casserole, pie, mashed taters etc) and comfort myself.

My inlaws are due in any minute, and now I suppose I have to figure out ways to entertain them since my original plan (to show them how I neglect my husband and kids while playing around mindlessly on the internet) has now been foiled.

Hey wait a minute......you don't suppose this was a big consipiracy plan do you?
I might be on to something here now....

So... it is with great sadness that I must lay my expensive HP laptop to rest, well at least for 2-6 weeks... and instead use my clunky ol' desktop....wahhhhhhhh I'm so spoiled by my laptop, I can't even properly use this clunky tick tick ticking keyboard hahah!

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