What, are you kidding me...seriously???!!!

HOLY BATCRAP.... only 28 days until Christmas..actually even less since I'm already more than halfway through the 28th day.....

Thank GOD I pretty much got all my Christmas shopping done last week.

Yup, that was me, I was the lady that elbowed your ass and pushed your ass into that stack of strategically placed playdoh cans in Wal-mart all in the name of getting that very LAST "must have" toy! Yea, hope that cut heals well.

Seriously though...Chad and I braved the crowds (which honestly were not as bad as previous years) and did pretty much ALL of our Christmas shopping on "black friday" (which mind you I know the meaning behind the name, but I still find it racist)..... anyhoot...this year however we chose to avoid hitting Best Buy and Circuit City first off (BB altogether actually) and I think that greatly lessened the stress.

We got to Toys R Us @ 4 am to wait for the 5am opening. It was a tit bit nipply out frankly and I couldnt' drink my coffee I made for us before leaving the house because it was tooooo hot, really it was, I still have blisters on the roof of my mouth to prove it. Really, wanna see?
We got in and out of TRU in 1 hour and 15 minutes and found just about everything we really wanted - we got
k'nex, rubber pianos, spiderman figures, wii game, nintendo DS star wars lunchbox accessories kit, fur real friends newborns, a kitchen appliance set (kids duh!!), hot wheels tracks, cranium adventure fort, and some color wonder things....

Then we hit Target.... we got all kinds of great crap there... a step2 wagon, video rockers, a doodle pro for brenna, and some other things

then we kit Kmart, where we picked up more things LOL

then we hit Kohls where we bought a few more things

In the end, we spent just under $400, got all the kids done plus a few things for various family members and each other! I'm stoked....because we would have spent SOOOOO much more on any other day. We are both pleased with our purchases and now I have a 7 foot tall pile of "goods" hidden under a king size blanket in the corner of my bedroom...yea, that is gonna be fun, but I have nowhere else to put it all LOL! I put all the little items into big rubbermaid bins and then the big boxes (wagon and vid. rockers) on top and I just hope the kids dont bust into it LOL!

I put the tree up yesterday and got it all decorated. I was worried that Brenna would fuck around with it alot, but it's not her, it's her big sister that can't keep her grubby hands off! SOmething about having a tree covered in toys (literally, seriously, our tree appears to have have geoffry from toys r us just puked look) - we buy the kids (let them pick) a hallmark ornament each year - so we have spiderman, batman, barbie, blues clues, winnie the pooh, tonka, superman, star wars, oh the list goes on, all over the tree. It's topped with a beautiful stuffed winnie the pooh angel LOL!

Anyhow.... I'll share pictures maybe...

As for my laptop debacle...yea it was definately dead, it should have started it's journey to HP today for it to be erased, broken apart and rebuilt..... rest easy Lucy..rest easy..you'll be back to momma in no time (2-6 weeks according to the man in a green shirt with no sympathy to the fact that my lucy is my best friend and couldn't do any sort of rush job on you...)....

now off to stop neglecting my kids......I hear shit being thrown...can't be a good sign


  1. you'll share pics MAYBE? What are you the photo nazi?

    No PHOTOS for you!

  2. Just what are you doing with that laptop that it spends more time in transit than it does in your house?? Wait!! No, don't answer that question ...

  3. I hope the trip is fast for you and she is back sooner than expected. Congrats on getting all your shopping done.

  4. wow that's awesome you finished all your shopping AND only spent $400!!! almost makes me wish i had gone out on black friday!