It's damn sexy.....

Yea, so as we creep ever closer to the "end" as they say... I find myself feeling more and more taken over, or at least my body anyway and I have no sense of my usual "I'm so hot" sense of self. Not that I've ever really had an "I'm so hot" sense of self... but I just don't get how after Chads seen what he's seen as far as previous ahem, baby birthdays LOL, and then this whole super growing midsection (I've resorted to telling people I just drink alot), my swollen feet (I've got cankles people), my hmmmm how can I say this.... baboon ass (but I don't mean my behind) and everything else..... he still wants me... must be love.... I guess I should just be excited at the fact that he wants me.....

1 comment:

  1. hubby's are awesome that way. They love us tons...and, they ARE men. LOL!

    And, you are shining beauty times two!