Never fear.....

Is near........

I saw my OB doc yesterday and found out that not only is he "leaving town" for the Holidays (something I was having extreme anxiety over since I'm due right after Christmas) but he's leaving the COUNTRY!!!!! As in, he needs a passport and will be on a plane for more than a quick jump a state or two away!

Talk about YIKES!!!!! Now I see why he was so flushed when I questioned him on it!

But never fear... the end is near..... We discussed his schedule and what we can do. So it seems that our new bambino will be here either on the 18th or 19th of December (just days prior to Docs departure from the country).

I'll be keeping you posted (shyea right) as best as possible LOL but don't hold your breath for obvious reasons (such as my lack to actually continually post my witty stories here for your pleasure reading).

Anyhow--- just wanted to share that little nugget o' info with you


  1. That puts your new baby boy just a year younger than Victor...he was born on the 21st. Tough time being so close to the holidays, but hey...it happens! Good luck with the end of your pregnancy. I am looking forward to seeing pictures of the newest one soon!!!

  2. Oh, my! Mine are now five and six (seven Jan, 3rd) so you have to share all the fun, slurps, burbs and dum-drums due to lack of sleep with a newbie in the house.

    Please don't forget us. I wanna' go through it all again; memory lane.

    I promise I'll stay up with you or get up with you in the middle of the night; once, or twice, by accident or happen stance.... ;-)

    Be happy and healthy!!!!