It's a posting flurry....

hahaha - well I know not a "flurry" maybe, but at least I've BEEN POSTING SOMETHING! And today I have photos to share....

Meet me -Now Meet my belly....
Now meet my baby... Okay so not really THE baby, but that my friends is what a 33 week belly looks like on me!
Heres a shocker for you all (for those that know I'm a photo buff) - this is the FIRST "preggy" belly shots I've done of the ENTIRE pregnancy... woah.... I keep saying "we need eed to do some" but then we never do. Tonight I just laid my foot down and said it was time.

Baby 5 has been quite active today, I'm starting to get nervous. All the fun practice contractions have been coming more and more often AND I feel quite a bit "heavy" if you know what I mean LOL! Lets just hope we make it to our projected date of delivery without any emergent trips to L&D LOL! The chaos of that at 3am freaks me out LOL!

I'll resize some more pictures sometime over the weekend or something and get some up of Trick or Treating and A's Raingutter Regatta Race with Cub Scouts (where he won first place) and some of the girls just being, well, girls!

PS: no we don't have a name picked out.... we have two actually.... this is our normal MO though - we find a few we like and agree on that would be good on presidential towels (think monograms here people... gotta plan ahead) and then we carry those with us for awhile, meet our new little someone and then we just "know" which one to pick. And no I won't tell you the ones we are thinking of... I'm tired of people stealing our names or worse yet hearing some "horror" story about that name.....................Just because your ex boyfriend turned out to be a mass murderer, transvestite, ice cream addicted sicko, doesn't mean just because I name my kids "that", that he will be the same thing...... sheesh people... cut my hormones a break. *rant over*


  1. WOW you look great!! Can't wait to hear when the big day is going to be. Be sure to post something and let us know when he gets here!! :)

  2. You sure are getting close! Good luck and keep us informed! And I know what you mean about the belly pictures. I don't think we got any when I was pregnant with Victor!

  3. Awww, you look adorable pregnant!

  4. you always made such a beautiful prego mommy..

  5. you always made such a beautiful prego mommy..

  6. You are cute all preggie! Sheeze I haven't been here in awhile; sorry. :-(