GASP....Shame on me!

Shame on me...I haven't written you in 9 days!!! HOLY BATMOBILE!!! Somebody spank me..........*grin*

SOOOO much has been happening since "The Great Robbery Story" LOL!

We attended a "bluau" - yea don't ask...seriously I said DON'T ask!

We did some last minute school supply shopping (folders, markers, crayons, glue, socks, panties, oh my!!)

We saw daddy off on his road trip for work.........he gets to spend a few days in a hotel suite, all alone, no kids, eating out at fancy resteraunts on someone elses dime, ahhhh the life

I had a photo shoot for some LOVELY friends at Pensacola Beach......that was SUPER fun! I hope they enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed it..

and.... we had our FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!! well and since it's been so long, also our second day of school LOL!

I"ll share pictures once I get them off the camera......meanwhile I'm enjoying my alone time with Brenna while the kids are at school and little by little post processing the shots from the photo shoot.

Oh yea and I broke the lawn mower.........interstingly enough I seem to ALWAYS break the damn lawn mower (no matter which one) EVERY time I use it.... I suck....and so now our lawn has this wonderful haircut where it looks like the stylist got pissed and quit her job in the middle as only part of the yard is cut (3/4 of the grass) but the way I was making the diagonal laps around, there is like a perimeter cut and then a large area in the middle that isn't then a frame inside that which is cut then more middle not cut LOL - oopsy....well maybe it will be a trend and will catch on and the whole neighborhood will be doing it..............I can only hope right?

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