Mad Cow....

Okay okay okay, so technically it isn't mad cow.....but it sure was a catchy title...

Poor Brenna and I took a trip to the pediatrician yesterday......as a sidenote, she's 15 months and now weight 23 lbs 6 oz (23lb 12 oz with her sippy cup in hand).
Anyhow, so the other day she had this one single spot on her hiney. Looked like a pimple really, I didnt fuss with it. Then next diaper change it looked a little raw, so I put some Neosporin on it. Two days later it appeared to be clearing up. Then 6 days after it first appeared it got worse again and popped open into an actual open ouchie (like a mosquito bite that has been scratched and scratched and scratched) so I put Neo on it and thought we were good to go. Then Monday morning she woke up covered in a diaper rash and had these little pimple looking spots on her bottom lip right at the lipline. As the morning progressed by a few hours, the "diaper rash" was spreading and had now speckled her thighs and to the top edge of her diaper. I also noticed some "speckles" on her face. I called the nurse at the Pedi office who said I should bring her in. So I did.......

$25 and a few hours later.......I find out my poor wee one has Hand, Foot & mouth Disease! Also known as the "Coxsackie A" virus.

Normally she is my very laid back, easy going kid, but today, well today she hasn't been LOL! She's very clingy and tired and drooly. To top it all off (and personally I think this is the main culprit for her unease) is she is popping four teeth all at the same time.

Her blisters on her lip line were numbered @ 7 yesterday, today there are only four. Her hiney looks a bitbetter, but I noticed blisters on her feet today (didn't notice them yesterday though). Doc says this will play itself out in about a week...so we'll see what happens!


  1. moonlights_rain8/07/2007 09:09:00 PM

    awww poor brenna :( Hope she gets better soon and doesn't drive you nutts in the process good luck!

  2. Poor thing. At least she is getting a little better. Samantha had this but had the blisters on her tongue...tha tis NO FUN!!! I hope it gets easier for you too. We have a sick one now too and Richard had to stay home with little miss clingy today :(

  3. I hope she gets better soon -poor baby That doesn't sound like fun at all. -Lori

  4. Poor lil one. I hope she is feeling better soon.

  5. I'm a Coxsackie Sickie myself. However, I do not have "A", I have Coxsackie B 3 Virus, which is much worse. I have created a blog to explain what I have and the symptoms, and no treatments to help. I have been very ill for over three years. If you have any other info that can help me, please visit "coxsackievirus.blogspot.com"Thanks and Good Luck!