To be or Not to be....

that is the question at hand here people....

Heres why....... every year we go to THE halloween party at our friends R & C's house. It's a BIG DEAL and they go all out (decor, Witches Brew, etc etc etc) and EVERYONE dresses up. There are your typical "gimmes" (i.e. vampires, angels, vampire angels etc) and then some awesomely creative things (like the "lawn" guy - he was literally a "lawn" not like a lawnmower man, but the actual lawn, or of course the Milk Man and his pregnant woman (his wife), etc).

Chad and I MUST come up with something extremely awesome to just "kill it" this year and I need your help! We don't necessarily have to be "together" in our costumes, though that is always nice. We are open to individual ideas or "couples" costumes really. The more original the better of course and of COURSE we want some "humor" thrown in there as well.

So leave your comments and tell us your ideas so we can blast the place with our awesomeness (course we all know I have NO need to wear a costume to blast my awesomeness LOL...but hell it's the one time a year that people won't look at me funny for dressing up)

Now...comment away or else........hmmmmmm or else I'll leave a flaming bag of poo on your porch


  1. I don't know how awesome this is but I've always wanted to be Morticia and have my dh be Gomez (from the Addams Family). I'm sure you'll be cute in whatever you decide.

  2. I thought we were going to be Spartan cheerleaders...