But Wait..theres more...

So I was in the kitchen doing the dishes....apparently I have pissed the Dishes Fairy off because she hasn't visited in years....it's okay I didn't really like the bitch anyway.....and she never put the clean dishes away anyhow.....slacker...

so, I was doing dishes and heard "it's like grass on steroids" and I nearly pissed myself LOL!

I darted around the corner to see what the heck they were talking about..

I catch THIS and then went back to my dishes...

But I got to thinking......... if you use this and it's like Grass on Roids.....will the grass get Roid Rage???

Hmmmm something to think about

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  1. Jason and I laugh everytime we see that commercial. We wonder if it'll grow man boobs and undergrown testicles too ;)