The dress...

So as some of you may know, I'm in my friends wedding next month. It's up in IL. I'm pretty excited of course to see her FINALLY getting married and for being asked to be a part of her wedding.....and the best part is........the dress is FABULOUS!!!, no no people, not HERS, MINE LOL! I love it! IT is actually a 2 piece - long skirt that is kinda fitted at the top and then flares a bit at the bottom and then the top I picked (the bride picked out about 8 tops or so and then allowed us to each pick our fave to wear) is a strapless or strapped top that has a silky under part and then a sheer gathered top with some beadwork on one side. Oh hell, I'll just include a photo...but keep in mind, it's a crappy one...LOL!

I have however figured out one thing, can't decide though wether it's a good thing or a bad thing...but um, well, the top, lets just say it is a great top and it's fabulous that it well, frankly speaking...it holds it all in...but maybe a little TOO in because I can't seem to BREATHE in the damn thing! Which is great and all because I look pretty damn skinny in the top, but well, I'm afraid if I take in a breath I'll crack a rib.

So dilemna is - should I get it let out? or no? LOL!
I have to get the skirt shortened, obviously LOL, but also the top I need a little SLIGHT take in at the bust just because well I don't really want to give everyone a show if I bend over LOL!



  1. Do I still get to be your date for the wedding? Maybe you *shouldn't* get that top altered *giggle*

  2. I don't know. I'd want to be comfortable in it. You'll be laughing and stuff, right?

    It is a really pretty color for you but couldn't you crack a smile in that pic? LOL

  3. ohhhhh, HOT...what's with the funny look on your face?