Do you ever get that not so fresh feeling?

Well apparently B did......in her mouth.

Just a little bit ago I'm in the living room on the couch, she runs through the room and I catch a wiff.......it's not poo for once (thank god) however, smells, make that REEKS of very STRONG perfume ish smell.

I immediatey got up and ran after her to investigate...what I found on the kitchen floor was the air wick air freshener plug in cartridge and then in her bedroom the actual plug in piece. Apparently she found this behind the diaper pail in her room and decided to sample taste it.

She didn't just "lick" it and get grossed out, the kid bit into the tip and actually BIT it!!! OH MY!
I rushed her to the sink, stripped her clothes off and doused her face with cool water then washed her hands with soapy water. Thought we were okay for a second while i called Chad (and handed her a cup of water to try to drink) and Chad said to give her milk. I grabbed her cup, made milk, he said there was a new pack of those air fresheners on hte shelf, so I grabbed em and read the back (do not induce vomiting - good to know) and then looked and she was turning quite red around her mouth, I hung up the phone and tossed her into the bathtub and then doused her again with soap and water. She also drank most of her milk after sipping on some bath water (ewww - but I guess better than air freshener oil).

She seems fine now, but I'm keeping an eye on her...

The good news is - my house smells fresh and clean like fresh outdoor laundry!


  1. Poor thing. At least your house smells fresh now and maybe she learned not to do that again.

    I hope she is ok.

  2. Children learn through experimentation...even when it turns us poor mothers gray. Trust me they do eventually outgrow the putting strange nonedible things in their mouths...as teens now mine just have started eating weird like their father.

  3. She actually bit off a piece of an ari freshener!?! I'm guessing that her insides will be garden fresh for YEARS to come.