Holy Batcrap....tootsiepops, school and other crap

Well it has no come to my realization........ my kids are soooo growing up!

Visiting the kids school last week for Open House, seeing them settled in at school, excited (well mostly) and doing so well....wahhhhh where did my babies go???!! At least I have "B" right...yea, well she is even too grown up now....she loves to play, run, and wants to do all the same "big kid" things that her big bro and sis do.

Saturday was A's birthday - he is now the BIG 07 - we had a b-day party for him on Sunday morn @ Chuck E Cheese (he loved that) with a few friends and family. I told him to get dressed for his party in something decent (school clothes) and he said "Oh, I have to wear my shirt with the 7 on it because I'm 7 now" LOL! So we had to find that specific shirt for him and he wore it with pride and told EVERYONE in the place that he was 7 now and he made sure he wore his seven shirt because of it (Old Navy t-shirt with a jersey number printed on the back LOL).

On another note for him - he can officially read. I mean seriously. The kid read an entire note I wrote to his teacher! No more spelling obscene things in front of him...which reminds me of a funny story.. maybe I'll write about it sometime LOL

E is loving school - she is thrilled to be there, to get up in the morning, to go to music, to have a backpack, to go to art............... and she comes home EVERY day wanting to invite a "friend" over - this friend is different each day (today is was James) LOL! I have NO IDEA who these kids are but she just wants us to take them home with us. Clearly she doesn't understand how these things work LOL!

As for B and myself...well I don't know who the hell I was kidding when I thought once A & E went back to school that I'd have more time for myself, ha, well I just DO NOT!!! I find myself even MORE busy...and how the hell is that anyway? I mean really....especially considering B is so awesome and still takes two naps a day (a morning nap and an afternoon nap - am is around 9 or 10 and afternoon is around 3 ish)..... the world may never know I guess. Kinda like a tootsie pop...

As for tootsie pops - did you ever sit there and actually count your licks? My ADD would get the best of me (mind you I've never been diagnosed with ADD) and I'd just say fuck it and bite the damn thing. Same with blow pops, I mean really...did those people think we'd all just sit there and lick away and wait patiently for the sweet suprise in the middle? I was also the kid (and adult) that digs for the Cracker Jack Prize, Cereal box toy etc. first, then eat the goods.

As for Halloween - my problem is solved......my BFF Nay Nay came up with something PERFECT that was necessary for me to be a part of - you'll have to attend the party or wait for post party pics to know what it is!!!! ROCK ON!

I had something else I wanted to write about, but heck if I can remember what it is....maybe I should just go dig around the kids candy box for a tootsie pop or something till I think of it...

So long


  1. I can't wait to see this picture. Knowing you it could be ANYTHING. lol. Glad kids are doing so well in school. *sniff* they grow just to dang quick for their or our own good.

  2. Why does a blow pop sound so good to me right now? lol

  3. Oh, I so have a dity comment for wanting to "bite" instead of "lick" that I bet you can figure it out for yourself!!! I bet hubby would prefer you wait for the "sweet thing in the middle"! Okay, couldn't resist! You can delete this after you read it! Luv ya!