Ac"k" as in insomniAC..............................

Cripes, cheese and rice...........

Its midnight...I'm tired, really I am. But apparently my brain didn't get that memo as it is still operating at ludacris speed.

I didn't sleep worth a pile of Gator poo last night since Chad so fabulously got called into work @ 10:30pm. He strolled in @ 6:30 this morning just as I gave up on getting any shut eye and rolled on outta the bed to get the kids up and going for school (okay so I rolled out at 6:50 and got them up but hell..who's counting right). So I resigned myself to feeling like a pile of washed up whale blubba for the day and got the kids off to school, stopped by moms to drop off a key, came home and showered (yea, I skipped that at 6:30 in lieu of trying to actually squeek out some sleep, even if it was only 20 mins...and I didnt even get that) and then did 6 loads of laundry (I don't know where the hell my family wears all these clothes...but I am STRONGLY thinking we should just go ahead and become nudists...it certainly would save us money on our water bill, grocery bill -no more buying detergent, bleach, oxyclean, fabric softener, electric bill, and therapy bill - that would be for me b/c I'm sure to go insane with this many "dirty" clothes around right.....)

anyhow, I digress -
so then I did the dishes, baked muffins for breakfast - uh yea so I did that before the shower and before the laundry but hell you wouldn't have known that unless I told you - , put away all that doggone laundry, picked up general clutter that got missed the night before, and then I crafted my heart out prepping for an upcoming Scrapbooking event (http://www.scrappysisters.com/ for those local yokels that might want to attend).

Check out my Stampin UP! blog in the next few days (or depending on this insomnia maybe tonight even LOL) for new uploaded projects that I'll be teaching at upcoming classes at the crop and my house

So back to my insomnia................i'm going to go compose a memo to Mr. Brain to allow me to shut down and go to SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP

wish me luck

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  1. I hear ya on the laundry, girl. It sucks. Try a sleeping pill. That's what I've resorted to doing. Just the OTC kind. Knocks me out for some good sleep.